We're GearBooth.
Born and raised in NYC.

GearBooth is the premier marketplace to buy and sell used musical instruments, research pro artist's equipment, and connect with other musicians.

Founder & CEO Judah Parness introduces new musician's marketplace, GearBooth.

What makes GearBooth unique?

GearBooth combines the best features of eBay and Craigslist into a singular & comprehensive instrument-only platform with no seller fees, ever.


  • Secure online shopping
  • Exceptional buyer trust/protection
  • Global in scope
  • Large inventory
  • General/basic search functionality
  • Built for all industries
  • High fees to sell
  • Limited product descriptions & specifications


  • Instrument-specific search filters
  • Integrated artist-to-instrument search
  • Built for only musicians
  • Free to sell
  • Easy to list
  • Integrated verified instrument research
  • Artist equipment research
  • Products are categorized for genre & skill level
  • Detailed product descriptions & specifications
  • Secure online shopping
  • Exceptional buyer trust/protection
  • National in scope


  • Free to sell
  • Simple layout
  • Extremely limited search functionality
  • Minimal buyer trust
  • No online transaction capability
  • No buyer or seller protection
  • Limited product descriptions & specifications
  • Simple layout
  • Local in scope

Our Mission

Our mission is to standardize the way in which musicians buy, sell, and trade used gear online through premium tools and technology.

Exclusive Features

Every company has a unique value proposition which they bring to the marketplace. We pride ourselves on bringing you these unique GearBooth features.

  • Musician-only community and marketplace
  • Standardized listing formats
  • Product tags which identify instruments for best skill-level and genre
  • Instrument-specific search filters
  • Verified instrument research and specifications
  • Proprietary selling wizard
  • Artist Equipment Profiles
  • Artist-to-equipment integrated search

Core Values

At GearBooth, we believe that our members come first. That is why we live by these Core Values:

  • Integrity
  • Ethical, unbiased, and member-centric in all interactions
  • Cost-conscious with regards to our spending
  • Fiscal Responsibility for our members' purchases
  • Ease of Use
  • Unparalleled Value to our members and business partners
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